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ISO 9001 2008

ISO 9001 2008










1.To register a company you need to have your international passport and to fill in that form

2.Registration of a company means registration of a legal entity in the Commercial Register of Bulgaria, in order to obtain personal number of your company, and this registration costs 149 euros. 

3.For opening an account for the capital of the company, the bank fee is 100 euros (consideration period from the bank’s side is 7 days). For urgent opening with the presence of a lawyer - 150 euros.

4.The price for opening a current account depends on the bank, and it costs 100 euros. Minimal availability of bank account - 100 euros. Fee for opening a bank account with a presence of a lawyer - 150 euros. 

5.Making a seal costs from 20 to 30 euros.

6.We provide legal address of the registered company at the actual address of our company, so that it can be used in the future for receiving mail, as well as for office phone and fax numbers. Legal address in the towns of Burgas, Assenovgrad and Smolyan is 200 euros per year. **Special offer for a legal address in the town of Plovdiv is 150 euros per year.**

7.Opening a company in Bulgaria allows you to engage in any activity, including the purchase of a car, real estate, etc. We can draw up a complete set of documents for purchase of a car or real estate after the registration of the company:

-Registration at Commission for Personal Data Protection - 50 euros (including the notary tax),

-Opening an insurance number of a foreign person - 50 euros

-Certified translation of the passport in Bulgarian - 15 euros.

-At the time of purchasing a car or real estate, a declaration that the company is acting must be submitted, and in this case you have to pay the insurance of the owner of the company /i.e. you/ for one month - 70 euros.

-Vehicle tax registration at the Regional Revenue Service at the place of registration – 20 euros.

8.Taxation in Bulgaria is 10%.

9.Certificate of State registration of the Limited Liability Company - 35 euros.

10.VAT registration - 150 euros.

11.EORI registration for the EU customs - 90 EUR.

12. Company digital signature - 50 EUR for 1 year or 100 EUR for 3 years. Card reader - 18 EUR.


*The banks take the decision for opening bank accounts of non Bulgarian residents after a long check up and it is possible that the application can be declined or sometime personal presence of the owner and the Director is required.


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The legal address in Sofia is per year.

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