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Work Permits for Foreigners in Bulgaria European Union

Transit sale of goods carried out from the territory of a third country (Ukraine) directly to another EU Member State without entering the territory of Bulgaria. VAT taxation and necessary documents

Verification of presence of circumstances for intra-community supply

Transit sale of goods carried out from the territory of another EU Member State to a third party. VAT taxation and necessary documents

Regime of intra-community acquisition of goods, which are not transported to Bulgaria

Form 1 A coordinates the social security systems of the Member States

How to export workforce in Europe legally? What are the benefits?

Documents, procedure and prices for opening a company in Bulgaria

Letter of Authorization (Power of Attorney)







The most important grounds for not charging VAT in invoice





ISO 9001 2008ISO 9001 2008

Accounting for small and large companies, VAT, payroll, insurance.

Tax advice.

Incorporation of companies.

Tax defence and representation.

Annual closing.

Subscription accounting services.

Our prices start from BGN 50 and depend on the document flow of the company.

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__About us

Our consulting company has more than 10 years of experience on the market of administrative and accounting services.

We provide accounting services and consultations, subscription accounting services for legal entities and individuals, publishing of annual financial statements.

By assigning the organization of your accounting to us, you save your involvement, time and resources.

You receive a loyal partnership and confidentiality by the professional personnel of the office.

Another thing that our company can provide is international tax planning for your business, and we can offer you many options – incorporation of a company corresponding to your requirements and needs in Bulgaria, Britain and various other jurisdictions such as the Maldives, the British Virgin Islands and many others. These are well known offshore zones where tax rates are minimized. We can also provide you assistance for further administrative and accounting services.

The goal of our team is to find the best solution for your personal or corporate finances. The most common purpose for registering an offshore company is tax optimization. With a properly structured offshore company, the following benefits can also be achieved: protection of property, anonymity and privacy, cost optimization, reduced accountability requirements and low level of bureaucracy.

London and Edinburgh are a world centre of banking, insurance and financial services. Thus British companies are in great demand because of the high liquidity and prestige. British companies are a very good option for companies dealing with import and export, with transport, with financial activities. Another thing of great importance is the stability and traditions in law, as well as the stable economic and political environment.

UK law provides many opportunities to reduce taxes through various tools. By effective financial planning, tax rate can be reduced to almost 0%. Income tax rates are quite low compared to other EU countries.


__Subscription accounting services

Contracting a subscription service ensures complete protection of the interests of your company before all institutions, regarding the accounting of the company, ongoing consultation with our experts, monitoring the plans with customers and suppliers, chronological, synthetic, analytical accounting of activities by the submitted source documents pursuant to the Accounting Act, the Value Added Tax Act and the applicable accounting standards, preparation of monthly reports under the VAT Act, payroll, Intrastat, preparation of Annual Accounting Statement and appendices in accordance with the Accounting Act and the accounting standards, and preparation of Annual Tax Returns according to the Corporate Income Tax Act.


__Annual closing

All companies in Bulgaria must prepare Annual Financial Statements, must Complete Annual Tax Return, reports for the National Statistical Institute, etc. Companies whose business permits or which have not had business activity during the year, which are not registered under the VAT Act, which do not have staff, are not obligated to keep current accounting, but rather use the services of an accountant once at the end of the financial year. We offer the service Annual Closure that covers all legal requirements for the administration of your company in terms of the Accountancy Act, the applicable accounting standards, the Corporate Income Tax Act, the Income Tax of Individuals Act and the Statistics Act.


__Preparation of Financial Statements

If your accountant does not meet the requirements of the Accounting Act and cannot prepare and sign Annual Financial Statements, then you can use our service Preparation of Financial Statements. A specialist from our company who is qualified in accordance with the requirements of the Accounting Act will prepare and certify or verify and certify the financial statements of your company.


__Personnel and Payroll

This service is included in the subscription accounting services package, but can also be contracted separately. It is recommended for companies which have an accountant but his/her time does not allow him/her to deal with the staff, payroll, submission of temporary incapacity certificates and reports to the National Social Security Institute, etc. For a price much lower than the salary of a new accountant, we offer you to take this sphere of activity of your company. It includes overall personnel administration - employment contracts, their registration at the National Social Security Institute, preparation of dossiers of the employees, job descriptions, payroll, payment orders for wages and insurance contributions, submission of Statements 1 and 6, submission of temporary incapacity certificates to the National Social Security Institute, etc. Accounting Plovdiv incorporation new company Sofia change manager of a company, partnership registration, company registration Asenovgrad. Non-profit association, accounting companies Plovdiv contracts. Incorporation of a new company.

Accountant fluent in Russian and English. Lawyer with Russian and English in Bulgaria.

Verification of presence of circumstances for intra-community supply

Transit sale of goods carried out from the territory of another EU Member State to a third party. VAT taxation and necessary documents

Regime of intra-community acquisition of goods, which are not transported to Bulgaria



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