Why invest in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria - one of the most attractive countries in Europe for investments and investment projects!

Stable political environment and low country risk


• Member of NATO

• Member-State of the European Union

• Situated at the important crossroad between Europe and Asia


Macroeconomic and financial stability


• GDP growth in real terms - 0.6% (2013)

• The average annual inflation rate for the period January - December 2013 compared to the period January - December 2012 is 0.9%.

• Long-term unemployment rate - 7.4% (2013)

• No exchange rate risk, the local currency is pegged to the euro at the level of 1 euro = 1.95583 Bulgarian levs

• Budget deficit - 2,184,898 (2013)

• Government debt is 6.79 billion euros or 16.8% of GDP (2013)

• Investment grade credit rating from major rating agencies BBB/A-2


Most favorable tax regime in the European Union


• 10% corporate income tax rate, 0% in regions with high unemployment

• Personal income tax 10 %, flat rate

• 2-year VAT exemption for imports of equipment for investment projects over €5 million, creating at least 50 jobs

• Depreciation time for computers and new manufacturing equipment - 2 years

• 5% tax at source on dividends and liquidation quotas (0% for EU tax residents)




• Highly skilled, multilingual workforce

• The lowest salary levels in Europe


The lowest operating costs in Europe


Free movement of capital


No restrictions on after-tax repatriation of profits


Up to 1 year reimbursement of minimum salary and social and health insurance for employers who employ young people and disadvantaged people through the Employment Agency


Governmental financial support for priority investment projects


Excellent climate, scenery, food and hospitality


Bulgaria - one of the most attractive countries in Europe for investments and investment projects!


Here are some good reasons why to invest in Bulgaria:

1. NATO and EU member (01 Jan 2007) - As an EU member, Bulgaria has adopted a number of proven practices and policies, continuously improves its legislation and business practices to help foreign investors. The aim is to encourage investments in the country, to facilitate the investment process and to ensure more transparency of business procedures related to the overall process;

2. Macroeconomic and financial stability

3. Most favorable tax regime in the EU

4. High quality workforce – Highly skilled multilingual workforce; most competitive salary levels in Europe; university education;

5. Sustainable economic growth - the economy of Bulgaria works under the Currency Board (1 euro = 1.95583 Bulgarian levs), which allows for a stable macroeconomic environment. Prudent fiscal policy and stable foreign investments contributed to economic growth in the last 7 years. Due to the many local and foreign investments, the financial system is stable and the banking system expands its operations in the whole country.

6. Lowest operating costs in Europe - for example, very good prices for office rents, low cost of utilities, etc.

7. European Funds - for the period 2007-2013, Bulgaria received about 12.4 billion for projects funded by the EU in the field of: infrastructure, transport, information technologies, renewable energy sources, training and development, waste management projects and many others. And with the introduction of public-private partnerships, many other investment opportunities in these and other areas are yet to appear.

8. Foreign investments in Bulgaria have been increasing every year - in the recent years, a huge number of international companies opened their offices in Bulgaria, some of them are American Standard, Umicore, Liebherr, Kraft, Nestle, Philip Morris, Metro, Italcementi Group, Lindner, Praktiker, Solvay and SAP. As a result of its liberal financial policy and continuous economic growth, Bulgaria is becoming more and more attractive to foreign investments. Moreover, foreign investors enjoy:

Free movement of capital; no restrictions on the export of profit in the country of the investor after taxation; Reimbursement of salary (minimum) and social and health insurance for a period of up to 1 year if employing young people or disadvantaged people through the Employment Agency; Financial support from the government for priority investment projects.

9. Excellent climate, scenery, food and hospitality




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